Exercise Set#3

on Sunday, February 7, 2010
Exercise 1 --- Discount Prices
During a special sale at a store, a 10% discount is taken on purchases over $10.00. Write a program that asks for the amount of purchases, then calculates the discounted price.
Amount of purchases: 2000
Discounted price: 1800

Exercise 2 --- Order Checker
Bob's Discount Bolts charges the following prices:
5 cents per bolt
3 cents per nut
1 cent per washer
Write a program that asks the user for the number of bolts, nuts, and washers in their purchase and then calculates and prints out the total. As an added feature, the program checks the order. It is usually a mistake if there are more bolts than nuts. In this case the program writes out "Check the Order." Otherwise the program writes out "Order is OK." In either case the total price is written out.
Number of bolts: 12
Number of nuts: 8
Number of washers: 24

Check the Order

Total cost: 108

Exercise 3 --- Last Chance Gas
Al's Last Chance Gas station sits on route 190 on the edge of Death Valley. There is no other gas station for 200 miles. You are to write a program to help drivers decide if they need gas. The program asks for:

The capacity of the gas tank, in gallons
The indication of the gas gauge in percent (full= 100, three quarters full = 75, and so on)
The miles per gallon of the car.
The program then writes out "Get Gas" or "Safe to Proceed" depending on if the car can cross the 200 miles with the gas remaining in the tank.
Tank capacity: 12
Gage reading: 50
Miles per gallon: 30
Get Gas!

Exercise 4 --- Pie Eating Contest
At the State Fair Pie Eating Contest all contestants in the heavyweight division must weigh within 30 pounds of 250 pounds. Write a program that asks for a contestant's weight and then says if the contestant is allowed in the contest.

Exercise 5 --- Ground Beef Value Calculator
Different packages of ground beef have different percentages of fat and different costs per pound. Write a program that asks the user for:

The price per pound of package "A"
The percent lean in package "A"
The price per pound of package "B"
The percent lean in package "B"
The program then calculates the cost per pound of lean (non-fat) beef for each package and writes out which is the best value.
Price per pound package A: 2.89
Percent lean package A: 85
Price per pound package B: 3.49
Percent lean package B: 93

Package A cost per pound of lean:3.4
Package B cost per pound of lean:3.752688
Package A is the best value
Assume that the two packages will not come out equal in value.

Exercise 5 --- Y2K Problem Detector
Write a program that asks a user for their birth year encoded as two digits (like "62") and for the current year, also encoded as two digits (like "99"). The program is to correctly write out the users age in years.

Year of Birth: 62
Current year: 99
Your age: 37

----- another input for the program --------
Year of Birth: 62Publish Post
Current year: 00
Your age: 38


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